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We Still Love, Gilda

Lucille Ball.  Eve Arden. Moms Mabley.  Betty White. Carol Burnett.  Whoopi Goldberg.  All legends.  All stars.  All funny ladies of the big and small screen.

Gilda Radner was and IS one of my all time favorite funny ladies.  She unapologetically made us laugh at her expense.  Yet, we laughed with her and not AT her.  She was the shining star of NBC’s hit comedy sketch show – Saturday Night Live!   Against all odds, when her counterparts were not so eager to write for her on the monster hit show, Gilda was like the cream that rose to the top of the comedy food chain.

Staged through her own words, we learn of her humble beginnings, how the pressure of being on national television led to an eating disorder, we watched her find the love of her live (Gene Wilder) and painfully stood by as our beloved Queen of Comedy’s light was snuffed out by non other than uterine cancer.

Gilda Radner was like most shooting stars who are here just long enough for their light shine so bright they become unforgettable. Gilda herself said, “I felt like I could do anything as long as people are laughing.”  People often asked her what made her funny.  Gilda simply said, “…my biggest motivation has always been love.”

Breaking into the ugly cry over my heartbreak knowing I will never see her in another sketch, hear her laugh, or watch that light shine once more is the reason Love, Gilda is a brilliantly crafted homage to one of the greatest female comedians who ever lived.  Produced by Magnolia Pictures and directed by Lisa Dapolito, Love, Gilda is screening on CNN at 6 & 8pm on January 1st!!!



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