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Growing Up and Giving Up Challenges “Olympia” | LA Film Festival

Olympia is having a crisis.  Her mother is ill and dying.  Her boyfriend is moving to Los Angeles.  Her best friend is re-locating to New York and she is having a hard time holding down a job and fulfilling her dream as an artist.  Sounds just like the kind of stuff you went through in your 20’s or 30’s right?

Written, Produced and Starring McKenzie Chinn (Olympia) women everywhere will be reminded that life is only as complicated as we make it out to be.  On the cusp of 30, everything around Olympia is changing. Now she has to decide if she’s going to change with it, or get left behind.

If ‘Sex and The City’ and HBO’s monster hit ‘Insecure’ had a baby –Olympia would be the result.  Smart, witty and thought-provoking, Chinn demonstrates the challenges a young millennial woman faces on the journey to complete stability mentally, professionally and financially.

Each actor bring the right amount of reality based charm making this story a very engaging, entertaining one to watch.  The chemistry between her and Charles Andrew Gardner ( Felix) is sizzling hot and  is one of the main reason you stay engaged with this story.  Directed by Gregory Dixon, he spot on captures the perfect essence for Olympia and her world by infusing neon animated figures as punctuation to her various issues and interactions.  Olympia is a film that will remind of youth, how serious we all were and how we react to loss of a loved one can color and affect our lives for a moment or for a lifetime.

During the LA Film Festival, I sat down with Mckenzie, Gregory and Charles Andrew Gardner to chat about the film. Take a listen…



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