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Is the Apocalyptic Sandra Bullock Thriller Birdbox a Hit for Netflix?


Is the apocalyptic Sandra Bullock thriller Birdbox a hit for Netflix?  Yes and no.  Yes, in the regard that Netflix is streaming and producing more and more theatre worthy films (ie, Mudbound).  Yes, because it is a throwback to classic thriller/suspense stories like Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone or any Hitchcock  film.  So, what’s the problem?  Let me point out some good things.

Birdbox starts out hella strong with a monologue from Malorie (Sandra Bullock) explaining to two small, terrified kids if they look or take off their blindfolds “they are dead.”  At first, you think maybe she’s a kidnapper and is uber mean to scare their pants off.  You quickly realize she’s their Mom and is scaring them into staying close to her and keeping the blindfolds on for their safety.

The film doesn’t waste anytime getting to the heart of the matter, displaying disturbing images of a woman stepping into a burning car looking for her dead mother, another young woman on a pedestrian hospital gateway banging her head against glass or literally stepping in front of a moving bus.  Why?  Apparently, there is a toxic virus infiltrated by demons that is causing humans to commit suicide.  Y’all know I am not the chick for horror stuff, so all of this was wayyyyy outside my comfort zone as an audience member.  The remainder of the film is spent figuring out how to avoid the virus to stay alive, culminated by a rapid river run with blindfolds.  However, bright spots included Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) as a romantic lead/hero was quite refreshing and John Malkovich being the ultimate curmudgeon was hilarious at best.

So, what’s my issue.  Ummm…not so sure while trying to escape a demon you’re gonna get busy and take a nap not knowing whether or not you, your boo and the kids are truly safe.  Not to spoil it for you, the end was interesting but still leaves me with some questions and concerns.

Birdbox entertained me, but stressed me the hell out all at the same time.  I spent half the film peeping through my fingers and jumping…just saying.  You can let me know how you feel about it when it hits Netflix on December 21st.

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  • Atanu Das

    BIRDBOX is a pique…the struggle is contemporary relevant n set to tune…tells stories on what’s going on….the issues household n domestic snowball gain size n pace to infiltrate every mind every set of man woman child staying close n tight….demons are within…n fighting them is true what’s required n necessary unless u have a clear idea n words what’s going on inside u…..the scare of the inevitable n imminent grapples us….only for the reason we are calmed n comforted with that…..we give the smallest of our unexplained unreasoned whispers n voices from our sides….no attention plus a demerit forever….like that’s natural with everyone nothing special n favourable to others unless I am the only one….so not looking n seeing ur best n beloved ones for the scare of losing them…as a valid tool of giving up n abstinence….so me u our beloved ones are saved….n definitely the forever wrong n corrupt not meant n part of this… blinded by the love light else stand to lose the light in ur eyes to bear the demonic pain of standing n watching ur best things incriminate n bust….like no past no future…only u or me for that matter….are left to take the pain forced on us….only for the qualified appropriations we are able to ensure suffer n fight off so we are living examples turned legends enabling others living our true lives as theirs….at the cost of our very own eyes n our loved ones….one born with his her parental eyes cannot be tagged n labelled as not ur own….atanu das…

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