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ICEBOX Chills to the Bone With Immigrant Border Realism| TIFF 18

Remember those video images capturing thousands of immigrant children being held hostage in detention centers wrapped in foil?  Remember how POTUS told American that it was fake news?  Not only is this not fake news, but thousands of children every day escape the dangers of being murdered by being sent out of their countries for a chance at a better life.  Oscar is one of them.

When his parents pay good money to get him out of Honduras ( by way of Mexico) for a better life in Phoenix with his Uncle, they would’ve never imaged the journey their beloved would endure just to be free.

In the center, 12 year-old Oscar meets Rafael, who shows him the ropes because he has been in detention  or so long with no hope of ever getting out.  Only when a journalist visits the facility and smells injustice does Oscar find hope of reuniting with his Uncle.

The real issue here is the inability for these children or their relatives to understand their seriousness of having legal representation court and how to navigate those waters.  Not only did Oscar have the challenge of court paperwork, but had to figure out what to do when the judge denied him permanent entry into the US.  No child in the United States of America should ever have to worry or be afraid – EVER!!!  Jeff Sessions and his ‘zero-tolerance’ law made sure that will always be the case by changing the law in California to where there is only one sanctuary city – Watsonville, CA.  Where the hell IS that?

Icebox is will infuriate you, warm your heart and seriously make you want to go run for office somewhere!  Produced by James L. Brooks, it is now trying to find a home with a distributor.  Make no mistake about it.  When people s tongues start wagging about foreign films, ICEBOX will definitely be in the mix.







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