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#TBT Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


Get ready for a lot more monsters!!!  In addition to Universal’s plan to reboot their classic monster movies, we’ve also got a Fox “grounded sci-fi drama” Frankenstein via a put pilot commitment.  Apparently the show will pull from the Mary Shelley mythology and follow what happens when a corrupt FBI agent is brought back to life and given a second chance.



According to Deadline, Frankenstein will focus on a guy named Adam Tremble, a morally crooked FBI agent who dies, but is ultimately brought back to life by an “antisocial Internet billionaire” and “his bio-engineer twin sister.

However, back in 1994, director Kenneth Branagh brought the Mary Shelley novel to life AGAIN with a feature starring himself, Robert DeNiro, Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Hulce.  It was not well received by critics at the time and let’s assume it is a credit that all of them will soon want to forget.


In the spirit of Halloween, here a look back at Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein…

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