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Missed Empire…Don’t Worry…I Got Your Back 
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It is not secret by now that I am a HUGE fan of Fox Tv’s Empire!!!  I love Taraji P. tension’s quick quips as Cookie Lyon, the ongoing love/hate relationship with Cookie and Lucious, the inner family turmoil between the sons, their parents and their parents’ siblings locked up parents, etc.

Last evening Fox and Empire graciously hosted group of bloggers from all over the country to talk, tweet and enjoy all things EMPIRE!!!  Of course, I was all about getting my grubby grub on, so the catered lunch, snacks, healthy juices and dinner were much welcomed and needed to get up our strength and energy!

First stop was a full tour of the 20th Century Fox Studios, where we made a pit stop in the Props and Costume Departments where we learned about set facades and some iconic costumes from X-Men, Mrs. Doubtfire, Water for Chocolate, Planet of the Apes Titanic and more.


Then it was off to have a Facebook Live session with Ta’Rhonda Jones who plays the “way too many things” assistant of Porsha.  She revealed a lot about her process in auditioning and getting cast in the role among other things.  Of course, y’all know I was the first one to pop off the discussion, so listen very closely.

After some much-needed snackage…we were hit with a surprise visit by Bre-Z aka Porsha and we had little fun dancing and acting out!!!Finally, it was time to live tweet the finale and baby…the shenanigans that we witnessed were well worth tweeting about.

So now on to the recap of the episode…If you haven’t seen the finale and don’t want your appetite spoiled don’t read any further.  You have truly been warned!!!  don’t say I didn’t tell you ahead of time..


Picking up from last week, Cookie’s sister Carol’s meeting had repercussions on the Lyon family causing Lucious and Cookie to do damage control!!!

While those little side dealings were taking place, Hakeem and Laura were getting ready for their epic Lyon style wedding.  Complete with a teaser of the wedding song and a pre-marital family dinner, of course, not without the signature Empire drama!

Baby, we were all relieved to know Jamal was still alive and kicking!  However, he was having a moment regarding his music, inspiration and overall exuberance until Lucious visited Freda in prison and recording a rap.  That scene was a real stretch for me personally.  I mean really…another prison recording session.  Been there…done that  already!

Laura’s parents wish her well and move to take their daughter down to her future husband that they are having none of.  And with good reason, ’cause as soon as the doors open to reveal the bride-to-be all hell has broken loose.  Laura, realizing her parents were right about Hakeem and his family bounced in designer wedding gown and all!  Your heart kinda broke a little for Hakeem.   I mean a brother can’t catch a break!!!  Two lesbian girlfriends – one married/older and the older young/hot, a jump off who was engaged to Lucious and now his protegé recording artist who bolted at the first sign of trouble.

Needless to say, NO episode of Empire would be complete without the complete shadiness of a tree from Grandma Lyon (the beautifully talented legend Leslie Uggams).  I wanted to fall out on the floor when as I tweeted her, she liked and retweeted my comment.  Yaaaaas Miss Uggams…be on that social media promoting your gig!

The big “teehee” moment though is when at the end of the episode Boo Boo Kitty marries Lucious in an effort to not testify against him with the Grand Jury, Cookie blows in the wind and Rhonda comes back to drop kick Anika over pushing her downstairs and making her lose her kid.  If all that weren’t enough, Lucious, or should I say Dwight, finds out not only does Lucious have cousins, but the fed trying to take him down is step-brother.

So as Season 2 comes to halt we are left wondering who goes over that ledge during the cat fight – Anika or Rhonda?  Does Lucious try to patch things up with Cookie?  Will Anika quake in her boots now that Lucious has told her he knows that pushed Rhonda?  Will we see some more epic Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty fights and quips?  Will Grandma Lyon finally snap and be cuckoo for real or is she faking?

We’ll have to wait until Season 3 to find out kiddies…see you then!

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