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What Ralph Breaks the Internet Stars Feel About the Internet

Attending press conferences for Disney projects is one of my favorite things to do.  Especially since it’s not everyday that one of our own gets to be animated AND moderate a panel. But, that reality totally went down for influencer/blogger Dani Fernandez, “…Oh my gosh. It was a dream to get animated by Disney…They got how I talk with my hands, my super structured jaw line. It was beautiful that way. I loved it.”

Dani wasn’t the only one excited about having voice a Disney character for the first time. Taraji P. Henson joins the feature as Yesss, “First of all, voicing a character in a Disney animated film. Check. Bucket List, thank you. I just thought she was incredible. She’s a go getter. She’s the head of a company. She’s no-nonsense. She has heart.”

And we learned that Vanellope even has her own song.  “It was a dream come true…the music was written by Alan Menken and he played ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ for me to sing from my favorite musical – Little Shop of Horrors.  It was incredible. We recorded with a whole orchestra, like you see in old-time movies. It was really the thrill of a lifetime, ” exclaimed Sarah Silverman with a. childlike joy and exuberance.

As you may or my not be aware, the internet is 20 years-old.  So, and I when asked the cast and directors what they would like to go back to pre-internet days they responded…

TARAJI P. HENSON – Kids going outside, being home when the lights come on. Go outside and play. Use your imagination. How about that?

JACK McBRAYER – I don’t remember phone numbers anymore. I couldn’t tell you any phone number besides my own. And I’ll tell you now. That number is. (Everyone laughed)

RICH MOORE – I miss broadcast TV. Where it’s like you had to see the show when it was on. If you missed it, you missed it.

JOHN C. REILLY – Yeah. I would say jumping off of that, Instead of all these versions of what’s going on in the world depending on what sites you visit. I think the human race could use a unifying way to communicate again like that.

SARAH SILVERMAN – I know this was terrible. We all came together when Baby Jessica was in a well. And everybody tuned in. Everybody was concerned. She was everybody’s kid.

So, as you are running for house to house for Thanksgiving treats and giving thanks wonderful friends, family and a life well lived. remember that the internet is an enhancement on that life.  Make it a family outing and check out Ralph Breaks The Internet – IN THEATRES TODAY

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