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Fireside Chat with Daddy’s Home 2 – Linda Cardellini

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are at it again and this time they have thrown their Dads (played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow) into the mix.  Sequel to the 2015 smash Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) are on a mission to give their kids the experience of the perfect Christmas when their Dads arrive just in time to ruin their plans Turing the holiday into a complete chaos free for all.

As Wahlberg’s wife Sara, Linda Cardellini has her hands full with kids, husbands and in-laws at Christmas, during what can be a really trying time for blended families.  As the emotional glue that keeps the extended family together, Sara has her own share of issues along the way. “Karen is intimidating,” says Cardellini.  “She’s a doctor , published author, tall, confident gorgeous Brazilian woman who’s constantly writing note. “What is she telling my kids?’ “What is she writing about?”  It puts Sara in very insecure place providing a nice ‘B’ Story to what guys.

I recently sat down and chatted with Miss Linda about Wahlberg, traditions, bloopers, cooking and so much more…Take a listen


Baby, when Linda revealed that her cooking is absolutely the worst thing ever and that she was the designated “bring a drink”  chick…I hollered!!!

Speaking of drinks, one of my fellow bloggers…GigiEats invited me over to make some eggnog inspired by the film and when you see it you will get exactly what I mean…LOL

Anywhoo…check out the recipe and video… and you can check out Daddy’s Home 2 in theaters NOW!!!

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