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Darren Aronofsky Tackles Bible, Humor and Horror in mother!

Darren Aronovsky films always leave me asking a zillion questions when the film is over!!!  As many of you know, I am not a fan of the horror genre.  Look, I’m still having very vivid memories and nightmares over Black Swan:)

mother! is a different type of film.  It unabashedly attacks Christianity, the Bible and even a backhanded view at celebrity and the price that comes along with it.  It was like Aronofsky took the Madonna image of the mother Mary paired her with Joseph, mixed it with a little Rosemary’s Baby and Devil’s Advocate and blew it up in a million pieces from the inside out.  It is this quality of filmmaking that I appreciate about Aronofsky.  He will make you re-evaluate your ideals on these subjects while questioning how you really feel about religion, social media, followers, cults and so much more.

All while adding a little dash of comedy along the way.  There was a recurring theme of guests walking in the house unannounced or uninvited with no regard for the homeowners.  As a woman of color, I can tell you right now, if someone walked in my home like that they might be drawing back a nub…just saying.

As much as I adore Jennifer Lawrence (Mother), I’m feeling like she was a little miscast for this role.  don’t get me wrong, her acting was superb.  However, I felt like this character had a vulnerable sexuality that Lawrence does not exude.  Her first scene has her scantily clad in a white see-through nightgown hardly giving off a babe in the woods vibe…if you know what I mean.

Javier Bardem (Him) is perfect as the hubby who can’t seem to ever achieve enough adoration from anyone he crosses a path with.  With just the right blend of nasty, nice and naughty, Bardem kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing which corner of sinister he would turn next.

Not having seen Michelle Pfeiffer (Woman) on-screen in a minute, it was great to see her back up there and scorching every single second she appeared.   As the guest who has clearly outstayed her welcome, her dastardly, nice-nasty persona was the perfect complement to Bardem and Lawrence.

mother! is definitely an acquired taste, but like most dishes you have yet to try, I suggest giving it a tasty whirl !  Produced by Paramount Pictures, mother! was released in September

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