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Pan African Film Festival 2016: Carter High

In 1988,  Carter High Football Team was on a roll!

Five days later everything changed.   A history making 21 players got signed to full football scholarships.  Three Carter High football players robbed a Jack in the Box. Teenage boys were sent to prison. Carter was stripped of its championship after a court found that it had indeed violated the no-pass, no-play law. Indeed, everything changed and not for the better.

Seems these players forgot one of the most important lessons their coach laid on them..  “A true champion is in the heart…that’s something nothing and no one can take aways…something only you can give away”.

It is said that these young men committed more robberies than the infamous Bonnie & Clyded did in their whole criminal career!!!  Why?  For some reason, these kids were bored and were looking for that high that were no longer getting on the football field.

The one that got away was former New York Giant/Washington Redskin NFL linebacker Jessie Armstead.  You see, Armstead opted out of the “fun” and ended up being five out of the 21 that actually succeeded in played pro ball (Clifton Abraham, Joe Burch, Le’Shai Maston, Darius Smith).

The tragedy in all of this was that all that sports talent was wasted and for what?  Some money, shoes, clothes, girls and other materialistic items that could easily be replaced at any given time.  Not to mention the tarnish on all the records these young men broke for Carter High and the emotional/financial drama it caused for themselves and their loved ones.

The players included: Gary Edwards, Derric Evans,  Patrick “P.K.” Williams, Aric Andrews, Carlos Allen and Keith Campbell, who got the longest sentence.

The case went before former state District Judge Joe Kendall and now-state Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas,  who rejected pleas for leniency and ordered most of the defendants to prison for sentences that ranged from two to 25 years each. As he issued each sentence, screams rang out from the courtroom.

Carter High should be a mandatory watch to teach teen and college age players to make the right decision the first time.  If you have to think about it more than once, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Check out this news item in Dallas on the team and the trailer for the film.





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