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The Star Gives an Old Tale a Hip, Fresh Twist from the Animals POV

Everyone knows the story of how Baby Jesus came to Joseph and Mary…right?  But, what if the way the story was told was from the point of view of the animals.  That’s right, camels, donkey disciples and birds are just the tip of the iceberg sharing this historic fable voiced by Patricia Heaton, Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan, Keegan Michael-Key, Oprah Winfrey, Kristin Chenowith, Zach Levi, Anthony Anderson, Ving Rhames ,Gina Rodriguez and more.


It is no coincidence that the majority of these voice-over artists are Christians or that the producer is one of the most high-profile Christians in the African-American community – Devon Franklin.  Known recently for his book, The Wait, which was co-authored with wife/actress Meagan Goode, Franklin puts his money where his mouth is.

With a climate in which the real meaning of Christmas has been reduced to what retail outlet can have the best sale with the quickest profits, it is refreshing to know that at least someone is trying to get us back to basics.

The Star focuses on the origins of the First Christmas through the eyes of Bo (Steven Yeun)  and Dave (Keegan-Michael Key) , who have their eyes set on joining a caravan traveling to Bethlehem.  While escaping the wrath their horrible owner, the two buddies find themselves trapped in the front yard of Mary and Joseph starting the adventure off to a hilarious, yet cantankerous start.

Talking animals and talking babies always do it for me, so from the first frame I was hooked.  Being a devout Buddhist, I can safely and honestly say that this film will resonate with every age, race, creed, color and religion.  Why?  Because it’s more than the story of Christ…it is a story about trust, hope, faith and friendship.

Here’s some highlights of interview with stars Gina Rodriguez, Zach Levi and Patrica Heaton…





The Star, produced by Sony Pictures and Affirm Films is playing  everywhere and is destined to become a new holiday classic.

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