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Funny. Suspense. Thriller = Escape Room


Escape Rooms are all the rage for birthday parties, a girlfriend get-together or to just hang out with your favorite game partners. As someone who does not enjoy being locked in a room with no way out, this would not be something I could enjoy.  It would be way too reminiscent of being in my own personal horror film.

For half-a-dozen strangers bound by the fact that they are sole survivors of horrific, tragic events and a greed need for $10,000 – an Escape Room was the prescription for their adrenaline rush…so they believe.

Directed by and starring Adam Robitel, the beginning starts out strong and leads you to believe you are about to go on a psychological terror rollercoaster ride infused with humor.  Very shortly thereafter, you realize the similarities of other films like “Clue,” “Haunted Honeymoon,” “Game Night” and even “The Poseidon Adventure” is the moment when it all goes off track.

Taylor Russell (Zoe) emerges as the breakout talent for this film as her character feels like one of the only characters who is fully fleshed out from beginning to end.

Production designer Edward Thomas’ sets are fantabulous, especially one where the room is literally turned upside down ala Fred Astaire’s “Royal Wedding” and Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on The Ceiling.” But, the most compelling question Escape Room will leave you with is “…do you want to try one thing that really scares you?”  I did and it was screening Escape Room, which I was actually relieved that it wasn’t full of the blood and gore normally associated with this genre.  Would you?   You’ll find out sooner than you think by having all your questions answered checking out Escape Room by Columbia Pictures.

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