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The Perfect Guy


Baby…black people are definitely in vogue this summer and fall.  War Room, Straight Outta Compton and now The Perfect Guy are dominating the box office!!!  This weekend The Visit was edged out by The Perfect Guy grossing 28MM and that doesn’t even include the global gross!!!

The Perfect Guy incites a familiar story.  Remember that pink cloud you feel at the beginning of a relationship?  You know the one where he seems infallible and you find yourself wondering what you did to deserve the perfect guy!

Once upon a time, I too  dated someone who seemed like the perfect guy.  He brought me flowers, said all the right things, seemed to be a gentleman and even promised to take me traveling around the world.  I know, right??!!!  Baby, I thought I had hit the boyfriend lottery until that one day a side of his personality showed up that I had never met.  It made me uncomfortable, but more importantly, it made me afraid.  Needless to say, I shut that down pronto,  because I was really not trying to be featured on an episode of “Snapped”

Well, in this flick …so did Leah (Sanaa Lathan).  After spending two years with the love of her life Dave (Morris Chestnut),  it becomes abundantly clear that marriage and kids may not be an option.  Two months later, during  a chance meeting at a coffee shop Leah runs into Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy) who is almost too perfect to be true.  Turns out she is right and that’s when the shenanigans begin.

FOR FIRST USE IN USA TODAY - SNEAK PEEK ON JUNE 4, 2015 Sanaa Lathan (background left), Morris Chestnut (center) and Michael Ealy (right) star in the Screen Gems motion picture THE PERFECT GUY. Credit: Dan McFadden, Screen Gems ORG XMIT: Michael Ealy (Finalized); Morris [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

I spent a good portion of this movie with my mouth hanging open out of shock at what this Carter dude was capable of.  It was fantabulous!!!  The Perfect Guy started out reminding me of Fatal Attraction, but by the end was a little more reminiscent of a favorite Jennifer Lopez film of mine – Enough.  With all that said, it was a thrill ride a minute, never a dull moment or lull in the Tyger Williams screenplay or the action directed by David M. Rosenthal!!!  However, I am most impressed at the fact that its stars Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy served as Executive Producers giving themselves a gig and many others.

Sanaa Lathan is absolutely stunning and always portrays African-American women on-screen as sexy, smart, independent and attractive. ..which I love!!!!  Not ALL of us are “sassy”…thank you very much.  As Leah, she shows  women that they do not have to “roll over” being mistreated in a relationship.  The power lies in keeping your power and not letting your power diminish with the relationship.  The Perfect Guys marks the second #1 movie for Lathan in less than a year (the other being Best Man Holiday).


Morris Chestnut is just simply yummy and makes acting look very easy.  We love him and loved that as Dave, he  was man enough to admit his mistake while taking steps to get his woman back.

But chile’ it is Michael Ealy as Carter Duncan that makes this film.  With those blue/hazel eyes, bright smile and charming demeanor, he makes Leah and the audience fall in love with him.  When he flips into cray-cray mode, you don’t know whether to be mad, disappointed or run for the hills.


L. Scott Caldwell and Charles Dutton as Leah’s parents are sweet and perfectly cast, as are Tess Harper (Mrs. McCarthy), Rutina Wesley (Alicia) and Kathyrn Morris (Karen).

This film has an ending you don’t see coming and is totally not expected.  Run…don’t walk to catch a screening at a theater near you.  The Perfect Guy in theaters nationwide NOW.

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