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The Craft: Legacy Keeps Franchise Fresh with LGTBQ Leads and Female Unity

As a young girl, I dabbled with Ouija boards, telekinesis, horoscopes and all that jazz out of pure curiosity.  I mean how many times did I watch Elizabeth McGovern on Bewitched twitch her nose and make magic happen.  Who as a little girl didn’t want to perform magic?  The Craft was easily one of my go to favorite flicks because it was creepy, thrilling and just wonderfully acted by an eclectic group of dolls Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True and Robin Tunney.  Well, Blumhouse Productions and Sony Pictures introduce us to a new witchy foursome with led by Cailee Spaeny with Lovie Simone, Gideon Adlon and Zoey Luna.

The premise is basically the same as Sarah and her Mom move to a new town.  Feeling like an outcast, Sarah finds her tribe in three new girls who recognize her as the four element they need to cast spells.  But, when a boy comes into the mix, jealousy and conflict arise threatening to destroy their friendship bond.

Is The Craft: Legacy worth the watch?  Here’s the thing.  Loved the updated casting premise of a trans actress (Zoey Luna) as one of the witches and a Queer character (Nicolas Galitzine) in the male lead of Billy.  One of my favorite scenes is when Billy lets his guard down with Sarah confessing his feelings for her stepbrother.  It was well crafted, heartfelt and the performance as sensitive and sweet from both actors.  As Director/Screenwriter Zoe Lister Jones highlights issues like bullying and the power of unity,  is a welcomed premise change and one that could only come from a female point of view.  David Duchovny (Adam) was unexpectedly entertaining as the Stepfather no girl wants to move in with – let alone have your Moments fall in love with him.  While, I was disappointed not to see more focus on all of the girls (especially Lovie Simone), Spaeny exudes a mysterious sexual, confident vibe that works perfect Sarah in this version.

So, yes it’s worth the watch and is a little softer than the original, but I rather enjoyed that shift and the delicious surprise at the end which leaves my mouth watering for another chapter.

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