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Hey My Fellow Movie Lovers…

A Bison, graduate of  the “mecca”Howard University’s School of Communications, former publicist, actress, business owner and author are just a few of the characteristics that make up the essence of me — Carla Renata aka The Curvy Film Critic.

Every Sunday, curled up with my Mom and brother, we screened classic film that held a fond place in her heart and childhood memories.  My Mom’s love of film, coupled with my obsession of never missing an episode of “At The Movies“© with Siskel and Ebert or Leonard Maltin on Entertainment Tonight fueled my love of film to this day.

Now, as a member of the (AAFCA) African-American Film Critic’s Association,  (LAOFC) Los Angeles Online Film Critic’s Association and (OAFFC) The Online Association of Female Film Critics, you can catch my reviews on  www.AAFCA.com, Black Tomatoes on Black Hollywood Live owned by Emmy Winner Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro is created and hosted by myself and fellow critic Scott Menzel. In addition, my work has been featured on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered, Ebony.com and of course, right here at The Curvy Film Critic.com

I love talking about films and realized that others were actually interested and listened to my opinion…thus the birth of this blog.  It is my sincere hope that although not every opinion I have will or will not be embraced, I am grateful for the opportunity to share it…enjoy and see you on the red carpet!!!

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