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Review: Lila and Eve


Grief is a very powerful emotion and can make one see and do things out of the norm.  What would happen if every grief stricken mother took matters into her own hands.

Lila’s (Viola Davis) son is murdered in a drive-by shooting.  She joins a support group for grieving mother who’ve  lost their sons to street violence and finds herself connecting with another mother in the group – Eve (Jennifer Lopez).

After much discussion, the two make a pact to avenge for their loved ones and become a  grief-stricken urban “Thelma and Louise” taking out any and everyone tied to the murder of Lila’s son.  Without ruining it for you, there is a twist and turn in this film that you never see coming proving that the human mind can be enormously powerful.

Viola Davis wielding a gun and being a bad-ass rocks and is the major reason for seeing this film.  Davis devours every role she ever take on with so much gusto and conviction that she simply disappears into whatever character she portrays.

Jennifer Lopez taking a back seat and letting Davis shine in this action/adventure/drama speaks a lot to her character as an actress and proves that not all women want to overthrow or overshine their onscreen counterparts.

Davis and Lopez produced Lila and Eve and allowed Davis’ husband Julius Tennon (Ben) to turn in a very nice, heartfelt performance as Lila’s supportive and loving next-door neighbor.

All of the ladies in the support group are impressive, but I have to give a special shout out to my girl Michole Briana White for her warm, realistic turn as a Mae, the support group leader and Yolanda Ross, a grieving mother who is on the edge every time the anniversary of her son’s death rolls around.

Lila and Eve was released on July 17th and was one of hot tickets to covet at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.  You can catch it now on VOD and iTunes.

Take a look at the trailer here…

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