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The Addams Family is Frighteningly Ghoulish Fun

The second you hear that theme song, chills of anticipation encompass your body preparing for this latests incarnation of The Addams Family.  This franchise has been a sitcom, cartoon, two feature films and a Broadway musical.  However, I have to say that this animated version may very well become one of my classic favorites in The Addams Family treasure trove.

Being run out of town on their wedding night Gomez (Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (Charlize Theron) set roots in the town of Assimilation for a fresh start all while preparing for Puglsey’s coming of age party and Mazooka dance.  Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) is having her own issues, feeling cooped up and isolated.  It’s when the Addams come face to face with Margeaux (the star of the Home, Art and Garden network) that shenanigans ensue and the real adventure begins.

Animated visuals like Morticia’s moving spider dress, Wednesday’s noose braids, coupled with numerous pop culture references (red ballon from IT and lime in the coconut song lyric), an animated version of the Warner Brothers Studios town square and the best animated entrance of all-time from Snoop Dogg as Cousin It make this incarnation the most fun ever!  Even though the jokes and old Addams Family references were geared more toward older fans of the franchise (Uncle Fester with No Regerts tattoo and lightbulb in the mouth), audiences will embrace the spooky, cooky family just the same.

One of my favorite scenes ever is s parring session between Great Auntie Bloom (Jenifer Lewis) and Grandma (Bette Midler).  I swear I could go for just them alone in any movie, television series, etc… as they are just pure unadulterated joy and giggles.

Mixing a variety of music genres peppering the theme song throughout the film is pure genius, as is,  the message for kids of  ‘we shouldn’t judge others just because they are different.’  Wow, wouldn’t the world be such a stress-free place to dwell if we could all just learn to accept and love one another?

Directed by Greg Tiernan and  Conrad Vernon for MGM, The Addams Family is in theatres now and a fantabulous trip down memory lane gaining new fans along the way

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