Steve Carrell is Irresistible in Jon Stewart Political Dramedy


Did you know that all political campaigns basically equate to math.  How many people can you get to the polls?  How many people’s minds can you flip over to your side and ideology?  How many single women, families, blue collar workers, conservatives will vote in real time or mail in their votes?  The one person who knows this all too well is the former host of The Daily Show, Writer, Producer and Director Jon Stewart.

Like most of America, Gary Zimmer (Steve Carelll) is on a binger after losing big when Hillary Clinton is defeated on election night.  Like a junkie looking for his next high, Zimmer moves on fairly quickly and finds his next puppet in Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper), a mid-western conservative vet with strong opinions and support against immigration.  When he gives a speech passionately communicating “…what is happening in or country is wrong. We’ve forgotten how to talk with each other.  Anyone can make a speech, but can you back up your words.” It’s these words that resonate and set the tone for the entire film.

Gaining the support of his hometown Deerlaken, Wisconsin, his devoted daughter Mackenzie Davis, Zimmer is hellbent on making sure that Jack becomes the next Mayor by any means necessary and winning over his nemesis played by Rose Byrne.

There couldn’t be a more perfect time in history for Carell and Director Jon Stewart to take on political satire in cinema with all the ridiculousness that comes along with it.  It kinda pokes fun at small towns and the folks that inhabit them by making a magnamous political statement in the process.  Chris Cooper gives a helluva speech as the Veteran at the Town Hall meeting trying to understand why the local politicians are dragging their feet.  But, other than that brilliant moment, Cooper’s talent is wasted for most of the film with primary focus on Byrne, Carell and their relationship or lack of one.

Irresistible literally gave me a little PTSD reminding me how lowI felt when Hillary lost in 2016.  Devastated doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I digressed. Irresistible is enjoyable, but I would be remiss if not mentioning that with this being released in an election year, it comes off as a little out of touch.  Yet, maybe that’s the point.  Most political candidates are so out of touch with “real America” that it grossly affects their campaigns showing how male candidates undervalue, underestimate women and those hardworking Americans that literally can tip the vote in their favor (ie Latinos, Black people, Asians, youth, seniors and first timers).  Ethnic groups and seniors are ignored completely, but are still expected to believe if we elect these fools somehow they will still ‘fight on our behalf.”

Stewart sends the messages loud and clear.  What’s also clear is the comedic timing and chemistry between Rose Byrne and Steve Carell.  I mean, seriously, how many people would you let lick you on the side of your face in public on purpose.  I know this makes no sense right now, but you will howl when you see it in the film.  Is this worth watching?  Is it timely?  Is it making a message worth talking about?  Judge for yourself as Irresistible is streaming live on VOD right now


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