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Netflix Reveals Voice Cast Composer and First Look at Over The Moon

Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess.  There she ends up on an unexpected quest and discovers a whimsical land of fantastical creatures. This is the premise behind OVER THE MOON.

Netflix and Pearl Studios recently revealed the voice cast, composer and first look at the trailer for Over The Moon.  The spectacular all Asian cast  is comprised of Cathy Ang (Fei Fei), Phillipa Soo (Chang’e), Robert G. Chau (Chin), Ken Jeong (Gobi), John Cho (Dad), Ruthie Ann Miles (Mom), Margaret Cho (Auntie Ling), Kimiko Glenn (Aunit Mei), Artt Butler (Uncle) and Sandra oh (Mrs. Zhong) and directed by Oscar winner Glen Keane.

Producer Gennie Rim hilariously confessed to running after Sandra Oh by hopping in front of her car in a parking lot begging her to participate in the film.  Oh describes Mrs. Zhong as, “…a character of empathy, humor, love and warmth” as she fanned out and acknowledged how elated she was to be part of an all-Asian film.

Glen Keane shared that the film was in the middle of finishing touches when COVID-19 plagued the world and has hit the film industry particularly hard.  The team was faced with completing the film and having meetings via ZOOM which the director admitted “ZOOM brought the team together in a more intimate way.”  He also spoke to the differences between animating for Disney vs Netflix, “…freddom was essential to the creation of this movie and there were green lights.”  Mostly eluding to the fact that the songs were written and performed a a different speed.

The biggest treat of all were watching Glen Keane draw Fei Fei in real time and listening to the fantabulous Cathy Ang belt her heart out.  Over The Moon has been in the works for three years and the trailer is absolutely stunning.  Be on the lookout for a film that stresses the beautiful message of how when you lose someone, the love you have for them last forever.



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