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Review: Hot Pursuit



The old adage “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover” has never been more true in the case of Modern Family’s Emmy Winning Resident Bombshell – Sofia Vergara and Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon.

These crafty ladies prove it frame by frame in the buddy comedy Hot Pursuit.  Vergara (Daniella Riva) and Witherspoon (Cooper) put their money where their mouths are and turn in a flick heavy with chuckles and high-speed action.

Cooper grew up emulating her Dad, a well-respected cop, only to become the laughing stock of her department.  Riva is the brainy beauty who is planning revenge for her brother by attempting to take down the head of the cartel.  Due to an unexpected turn of events the ladies end up being partners and end up as walking targets for the cartel in the process.

It suffices to say that Sofia Vergara has comedy in her veins.  She makes it appear as it she isn’t trying that hard, but her comedic choices tell me that she knows “exactly” what she’s doing to get those laughs.  I adore her and remember her back in the day in such comedic films as Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns”, “Madea Goes To Jail” and the infamously bad “Soul Plane” where she literally was brilliant and a completely different character in each film.  None of which resembled Gloria from “Modern Family”.  I’m telling you…this doll is a really smart cookie!

Witherspoon has the added gift of being able to flip between comedy and drama with an ease that may be very difficult for her contemporaries, but not Miss Reese!  Honey, she let’s us have it full-throtal every time!!!!  Her portrayal of Cooper is so much fun to watch and she is giving physical comedy at its best!


Michael Mosely and Matthew Del Negro as the Detective Dixon and Hauser are hilariously, effective bad cops and John Carroll Lynch as Captain Emmett is a character face we all know and love from “American Horror Story”, “Crazy Stupid Love” and “Shutter Island”.

Big shout out to my buddy Production Designer Nelson Coates – who truly did his thing with this one!!!

There are many moments worth mentioning that made me howl, but go check out Hot Pursuit in in theatres right now and see them for yourself…you won’t be disappointed!!!!


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