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A staple hit on ABC-TV these days is the hit sitcom “The Goldbergs”.  The matriarch, “Bev”, is by all accounts one of those Moms that just can’t stay out of her kid’s business.  She always wants to know where they are, who they’re with, who they’re doing and why.

You’re probably asking yourself…what’s wrong with that?  Shouldn’t parents be aware of their children’s whereabouts in this day and age?

The easy answer is that everyone has or had parents that were loving and did their best to make sure we were all raised as decent, considerate human beings that respect others on the planet.  However, like everything else in life…there has to be a line drawn in the sand.

In “Helicopter Mom” our favorite Greek, Nia Vardalos (Maggie),  is smothering Mom, whose 17 year-old son Lloyd (Jason Dolley) about to leave the nest for college.  Since Lloyd thinks it’s totally uncool to bond with his Mom, she joins the PTA in an effort to get more involved with the school and Lloyd before he heads off to college.

Hilarity ensues with her various attempts to brainstorm and secure financial aid for her supposedly “gay”son.  All of this followed up by endless snooping in his room, at school and even at the local talent show making her the poster child of a “helicopter” hovering over Lloyd by any means never.

One of funniest moments for me was when Maggie signed Lloyd up for an online dating website called CatchYourDream, tricked him into double-dating with her, his hippy Dad (Mark Boone Junior) and the “dream boy”, who could NOT stop talking if his life depended on it.

This cast was had the uncanny ability to make comedy look like a breeze, but it was Gillian Vigman’s performance as Barbara Wolf that made my stomach ache from laughing so hard.  It was nice to see Nia Vandals playing a Mom.  Smothering or not…I would love to see her do  more roles like this – it suits her!

Helicopter Mom is a cute, hilarious look at all the shenanigans a loving mother will go through just to get some unconditional love back from her kids.

If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom in your life, cherish and love her.  She is the only person on the planet who will EVER love you unconditionally…remember that

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