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Review: Charlie The Movie – Cannes Film Festival 2015



Most television viewers would remember Shawn Ryan from the semi-finals of “America’s Got Talent” , “The Mentalist” or “Women’s Murder Club”.  My first encounter with the cinematic enigma was on the cabaret scene in Los Angeles, where he quirky comic wit would shred a room with mounds of laughter.

However, after screening “Charlie The Movie”, I can wholeheartedly tell you that Shawn Ryan is for sure the next big thing!

Written, Directed and Starring Shawn Ryan’ – “Charlie The Movie” is screening this week at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.  With a groundbreaking 500 short film submissions, “Charlie” was selected from 22 shorts/narratives – 6 of which have LGBTQ issues.

Charlie (Shawn Ryan) seems to have a variety of issues.  He seems to be a little on the slow side having spent 8 years to complete his college education.  If that weren’t enough, he has a mother who is is negative, critical and completely un-suppportive except when it comes to finances.

While on a Christmas road trip, Charlie sees an opportunity to walk away from it all and inadvertently stumbles onto a home.  In the true spirit of the holidays, the family that discovers him takes him in, treats him like one of their on own and changes his life in a way he never sees coming.  The tag line of the film says it, all “No one ever listened to Charlie until he stopped talking”.

One of my favorite moments is when Janet (Mo Collins) and Walter (Nick Rhys) send the kids to bed and have a moment where Janet admits during mass “Everytime I tooted a little an angel got their wings”.

Shawn Ryan as Charlie exemplifies some of the finest acting I have witnessed in quite some time. He speaks volumes without saying a word.  There are very few actors who can draw you in with a look in their eyes or through the subtly of their physicality.  Shawn Ryan is that actor and trust me you will want to get on the Ryan Railroad NOW…because he is about to make a worldwide splash.

Mo Collins and Nick Rhys bring the right amount of humor to situation that is heartwarming, sad and uplifting all at once.

Can you tell I loved it ALOT!!!!????

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