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Pixar’s Luca Cast and Crew Have Gratitude and Zero Sliencio Brunos

LUCA is the latest Pixar title to be released this week.  This time the studio is taking us to a quaint fishing village in Italy on the Riviera.  With a discussion led by former E! entertainment reporter and red carpet staple Guiliana Rancic, the creative team and cast  (Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, Enrico Cassaros and Andrea Warren) behind this delightful journey provided some insight and much needed laugher.  Director Enrico Cassarosa didn’t just create this story from his imagination, it was pulled directly from his childhood.

ENRICO CASSROSA:  I was born in Genoa, a poor town right on the riviera. As a shy kid, and a little bit sheltered by my family, when I met my best friend at 11,  all of a sudden my world opened up. He was a bit of a troublemaker and didn’t have a whole lot of supervision. I was kind of following him and getting dragged into trouble. It really made me really think about how much friendships help us find a bit of who we wanna be. Those days of summer on this wonderful, very specific coastline is rocky with mountains and sea. There’s some really hang on for dear life rocks and a lot of cliffs. So, I kept on thinking about the literal and the metaphor of someone who pushes you off a cliff.

Producer Andrea Warren, along with Cassarosa put their heart and soul into conveying a story with a very specific message they were intent on having resonate with audiences.

ANDREA WARREN:  For me, that notion of the meaning of friendship really resonated, along with a few really beautiful themes in the film. One being  ‘Silencio Bruno,’ how we all have these inner critics used that help you overcome that sense of doubt. We always (Enrico and I) keep saying you sometimes have to surround yourself in life with some Albertos. I hope that some of those messages really reach the audiences, especially the kids.

JACK DYLAN GRAZER  (Alberto):  I think it’s one of the most crucial things you could ever learn in your life is the elimination of doubt. I got rid of my Bruno eons ago. I’m just full of confidence, okay? I’m total alpha, man (laughter). Basically, I  have always been a really impulsive decision maker.  I don’t like to think about how there’s two ways things could go and I choose not to think long enough about how terrible it could be, but I’m hoping for what’s wonderful.

At their tender young ages, Jacob (Temblay – who plays Luca) and Jack may be veterans, but the exctiement of being in her first film is definitely not lost on Emma. As one of the few female characters in the film Emma relishes in the joy of bringing Guilia to life.

EMMA BERMAN:  Well, this is my first movie and it’s literally a Pixar movie…that’s the most exciting thing ever!!!  I’m the luckiest person in the whole entire world ever to exist in this planet!  Guilia is determined, hardworking, genuine and intense. But she’s also awkward, quirky, goofy  and I had a really fun time playing her.   I relate to her in a lot of ways. We’re both passionate about what we do and we’re also very excited, joyful people.

As the parental units in  LUCA, the excitement of being in a Pixar film doesn’t end with Emma.  Jim Gaffigan and Maya Rudolph weigh in on the fun fromt the perspective of their own childred.

JIM GAFFIGAN:  I’m super excited.  I don’t know how Pixar does it  ’cause their batting average is like a thousand.!  They’re (my kids) are very excited.  I must admit the fact that I’m in a Pixar movie is the only thing my kids have ever been impressed by.  They’re very excited.

MAYA RUDOLPH:   My oldest lost her mind.  I think if she had a child she’d name it Pixar.  It does feel like a dream come true, like you’re part of something bigger.  They’re pretty stoked, as the kids say. Right?  My kids, they’re stoked.

Oh…and what was it like to record an entire animated feature in the middle of a global pandemic?  Jack had the best answer EVER!!!


I mean, I-I don’t know what they were thinking.  I was screaming like, help and I don’t know, and all that crazy stuff.  And-and-and, um… anyway.  So but it-it was definitely a testament.  And it got hot.  It was the-it was a hot COVID summer so…


Well, on June 18th we will all have the opportunity to see the fruits of their labor.  Unitl then…check out this clip from Disney/Pixar’s LUCA.


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