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Ask Dr. Ruth Gets Personal with the Goddess of Good Sex on Hulu

Have you ever heard a woman tell the truth about sex? In the early 80’s, discussing sexuality was considered taboo.

Enter Dr. Ruth Westheimer who unapologetically referred to the human anatomy by their names – penis, vagina and terms such as masturbation with candor and confidence.  After all, what’s more natural that the human body connecting?  Considering herself to be a non-radical feminist, Westheimer encouraged women, during a post bra-during era,  to take the initiative by becoming more responsible for their own sexuality.

Hard to believe that such a warm, jovial, energetic woman grew up in a shroud of secrecy and abandonment.  As a child, Ruth witnessed her father being dragged away by Nazi’s.  She often says her parents gave her life twice.  Once as their daughter and again as she was shipped to Switzerland to escape being exterminated in a concentration camp.  A fate that was all too familiar for German Jews during the war.

Ask Dr. Ruth shares the journey of this renowned sexuality expert coupled with animated illustrations of her childhood to tell a story that the public had never been privy to until now.  We watch her visit friends and old beaus from her childhood days in a Swiss orphanage.  As heartbreaking and disheartening of a time this may have been, Dr. Ruth clings to the happy memories.  Memories like her childhood boyfriend slipping her messages with songs like ‘You Are My Sunshine’ or being horrified by a rumor that spread about showing her breast to boys.  Can you image Dr. Ruth being a prude?  Yup, that really did happen.

Having been the author of a plethora of books, hundreds of television guest spots, being threatened with arrest for ‘dirty talk’ and hosting her own show on both radio and television, this tiny ball of energy opened arms wide to make sure that it was nothing wrong with reaching back to simply…Ask Dr. Ruth.

Ask Dr. Ruth was a revelation in not only how much the world has evolved, but gaining insight into a woman who knows no boundaries or fears.  She is simply the best.

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