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One Piece Film: Gold


Musicals are the “it” thing this year and even the anime game is getting in on the action with the release of Funimation Films…One Piece Film:  Gold!  The opening montage is complete with a Swinging Big Band, showgirls, kick lines and pirates ships.  The Gran Tesoro, where most of the action is set, reminds me of a golden version  The Venetian Hotel on the Vegas strip.  Aboard the Gran Tesoro, where it rains gold upon a golden river, The Straw Hat pirates become enamored with their VIP status and 300 Million dollars line of credit.  However, deception is king and the crew soon discovers that all that glitters is NOT gold.

Based on the wildly popular hit anime manga and television series, One Piece Film: Gold  follows the Straw Hat pirates to the big screen in an all-new high-flying adventure. The Batman-like graphics, slot machine sound effects and high-octane music keep the energy of this entertaining flick moving and grooving.

Originally a Japanese manga series, One Piece was adapted into a television series by Toei Animation (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon) that has since aired over 760 episodes. As of August 2016, the original manga series has more than 380 million copies printed worldwide – the best-selling manga series in history.


The new film One Piece Film: Gold is a standalone film that does not require new audiences to be familiar with previous content to enjoy the thrill of this new adventure.  Do the Straw Hat pirates luck turn them into billionaires?  Or,  are they turned into gold slaves?  You can find out for yourself when On Piece Film:  gold begins its North American Release begins TODAY  through January 17th.   Click Here to Grab Tickets to One Piece Film: Gold

One Piece Film: Gold Trailer

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