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Hardwick and Good Scorch The Screen in A Boy…A Girl…A Dream

There was a man I once met whose  chemistry was so strong that when he held my hand, it felt like electricity shooting through my body.  Our entire relationship was electric.  However, eventually when the light bill doesn’t get paid the lights go out…so did our relationship.

Have you ever met someone who sees you exactly for who you are and wants to be with you anyway.  Someone that challenges you and makes you challenge them right back?

A Boy (Omari-Hardwick/Cass) meets A Girl (Meagan Goode/Frida) and they shared A Dream.  A dream that would’ve seen our country elect its first female President.  A dream that put caution to the wind and made you follow your passion instead of opting for what’s comfortable and safe.  Club promotor Cass and lawyer Frida meet outside a club and end up spending the entire night together.  No just any night but election night of 2017.  A night that ultimately shed the light on police brutality, sexual harassment and political Ideology amongst people of color.  A narrative that is becoming all too familiar in our America.

Shot by director Qasim Basar in one continuous take we get to see all of our characters in their pure, raw state with no cuts or do-overs.

Omari Hardwick, Meagan Goode, Jay Ellis and along with director Qasim Basar were gracious enough to chat about the film, their politics and more.  Take a listen.


A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. illustrates how the best of who we are can come to fruition with the right person by your side.  A person that won’t give up on you despite your issues, your politics or your inability to love  or be love loved.  Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, you can catch this sweet love story in a theater near you soon.  Until then, if you are in Miami you can catch it as part of the American Black Film Festival from June 13- 17.



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