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Happy Valentines Day: For The Lover in You

Who hasn’t fallen in love or had their heart broken or loved someone who didn’t love you back the way you wanted them to?  Almost everyone right? Whether you are spending the holiday alone or with the love of your life, Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Get some Chocolate Wine, popcorn and your trigger finger ready to do some serious streaming of what I consider to be my  Top Five Romantic films…in no particular order


 I love this film for the simple fact that it shows people of color being culturally, spiritually and politically conscious wrapped up in an urban love story.  Nia Long and Larenz Tate became the ideal for “black love” when this film hit screens in the 90’s and the soundtrack became a classic.  It is also notable because we get to see some majorly talented actors at the top of the game like Lisa Nicole Carson, Isaiah Washington and Bill Bellamy.






This is by far one of the greatest love stories of all time with now Oscar winners Kate Winslet and Leonardio DiCaprio.  Baby, it was all about Rose and Jack and that moment in the water after the ship sinks. The ugly cry was in full effect for sure!  The Heart Will Go On for sure!!!





 The hooker with a heart of gold will get you every time and Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman was no exception.  However, who wouldn’t want to hook up with that fine glass of wine – Richard Gere!  It’s a classic for sure and we were introduced to Jason Alexander, who who would go on to make his own history being a part of the “Seinfeld” cast.





 Meg Ryan  and Tom Hanks were so perfectly matched with this  romantic comedy that were paired again in “You’ve Got Mail”.  However, it was the idea of a widow finding iconic love for the second time in life that sucks and keeps you engaged right up until the last frame.  Not to mention the comedic scenes with  Rosie O’Donnell and the An Affair To Remember references.





I think Nicholas Sparks has single-handedly cornered the market on romantic films.  “The Notebook” had me doing the ugly cry for most of the film! This love story was so touching and heartwarming that I could never get sick of watching it.

Can you imagine having the love of your life forget you and constantly remind them on a daily basis who you are…what you meant to them and what your love meant to each other?  I still can’t, but every time I see “The Notebook”, I am reminded that anything is truly possible!


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