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High Octane Reimagined Charlie’s Angels is Da Bomb

Charlie’s Angels was a popular, high-rated staple on the ABC-TV lineup in the 70’s and made superstars out of Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd and Farrah Fawcett.  It was the first time we saw beautiful, young, smart women who were not objectified and had the last laugh when it came to action, skills and beating powerful men at their own game.

The franchise has held strong over the decades when it was revived by Drew Barrymore with action-packed feature films starring herself Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.  Some have featured cameos from Demi Moore, the late Bernie Mac (Bosley), Luke Wilson and Justin Theroux to name a few.  Now Barrymore has handed over the reigns to Elizabeth Banks, who wrote, directed and stars in the film alongside Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska with Sir Patrick Stewart, as yet another version of Bosley.

The Tom Cruise like stunts and action sequences do not disappoint and neither does Bank’s screenplay with jokes referring to films like Birdman from Alcatraz and Birdman starring Michael Keaton.  While flirting with an adversary, Sabina (Kristen Stewart) states that it takes men seven times more to see women as a viable threat right before she totally takes him down…let’s you know that this will not be a fluffy action film with some gorgeous girls.  But, when have you ever seen a Charlie’s Angels film that is?

Kristen Stewart is the real MVP of this film and her chemistry with Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott is undeniable. There is an opening action sequence where Stewart literally takes down a whole room full of dudes basically single-handed and I thought I was going to lose my little girl over mind.  Now, I won’t lie, I was totally prepared to see yet another chapter in this film franchise that made women look dumb while having their bodies objectified.  Proud to say that Elizabeth Banks made a liar out me!  These ‘angels’ are in full power and control from the first frame to the last and I was there for ALL OF IT!

Laden with cameos ranging from Michael Strahan to original angel Jaclyn Smith, Charlie’s Angels if fun, exciting and the perfect female empowerment film for this generation.  Produced by Columbia Pictures, Charlie’s Angels hits theaters on November 15th.

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