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Family Tradition is Alive and Well in Disney Pixar’s COCO

Every family has that member that when they leave this realm, the family unit falls apart and is never quite the same.

For my family, it was my Aunt Cleo Stallworth or “Mama Cleo”, as we affectionately called her.  She looked like a caramel version of Mae West and was just a much of a character.  She loved country music and played a mean organ for the Sunday service at the Church of God in Christ.  When she lost her battle with cancer, our family was never the same.  But, we continue to keep her memory alive with the numerous stories and photographs we possess.  She was particularly special to me and will always live in my mind and my heart.

In Disney Pixar’s COCO, picking up during the Dia de los Muertas (Day of the Dead), a young Miguel longs to be a musician, but his family ancestral background forbids music in the house.  Not understanding why, he takes a journey to the Land of the Dead to solve the mystery.

This film got me from the first frame to the last.  Honestly, I think it is the best Pixar film to date.  Family, tradition and values are something that are sorely missing from this current generation.  We are all so absorbed with the internet, social media and our own individual lives that we forget without a family’s (blood or not) love to support you…what’s the point.  Family will be there when everyone else falls by the wayside.

What I really love is that this film’s voice over talent is mostly made up of Latino talent like Benjamin Bratt, Anthony Gonzalez, Alanna Ubach, Edward James Olmos and Gael Garcia Bernal just to name a few.  Each one bringing just the right amount of unique swagger to each character.

One of the coolest things about attending the press conference is that  all bloggers were given an kit!!!!  I can’t wait to find out the results about my humble ancestral origins!!!  Not to mention a full on performance complete with dancers and musicians!  It was by far, one of the best press conferences I have ever attended!!!

With Thanksgiving right round the corner, we couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate family and tradition than through the release of Disney Pixar’s COCOon November 22nd.

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