Dominque Fishback Emerges as Badass Young Star in Project Power

We are at the end of the summer.  A summer in which Hollywood has not been able to let blockbuster loose in theaters and studios have been struggling to find a new normal in the midst of it all.  Netflix seems to be navigating the waters just fine.   Jaime Foxx is no stranger to action, Sci-Fi or adventure in cinema.  This time he’s in the streets of New Orleans, where word has spread about a pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user. While some develop bulletproof skin, invisibility, and super strength, others simply cease to exist. But when this pill escalates crime to dangerous levels, Foxx, a former solider (Art), a NOLA cop Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) team with teenage dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback) to fight, track down and stop the group responsible for creating this power pill while rescuing Art’s daughter in the process (who happens to possess powers of her own).

Project Power is a fascinating trip at what life would look like in the not so distant future.  Imagine the ability pop a pill while preventing bullying, bank robberies or cyber crime?  it’s definitely  a sign of the times.  Foxx’s physical prowess certainly works to his advantage, as is having a daughter in real life.  At times, displaying  a tender playfulness, he rapidly flips without a moments notice,  making his menaced aura a reminder of the Oscar winner keeps in his acting  arsenal.  A range so powerful that it only enhances the performances of his co-stars, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Dominque Fishback.  All three have a chemistry that registers on screen with ease. But it is Dominque Fishback, as the teenage dealer taking care of her Mom steals the show and makes my boys step it up.  Her maturity and ease on screen makes me more than excited to see her other projects (Judas and The Black Messiah) and her scenes with the veteran actors are smooth as butter!  Having never seen Levitt in an action, superhero vibe was hella cool and I wouldn’t mind seeing more from him in that lane.

Always down for a good sci-fi/action/adventure flick, I would be remiss in saying that the CG action sequences are cool, yet predictable more often than not.  The actual premise of the film is more intriguing while taking what we normally see in a Marvel joint, to something a little more slick and polished with a multi-cultural cast.  Netflix teamed up with Fishback, Levitt and  ‘Hit Record’ to host a contest were they collaborated with an artist for an original song and music video.  Who was the artist?  You’ll have to tune into Netflix and stream Project Power to find out.




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