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Russell Crowe is Your Worst Nightmare in Unhinged

The first five minutes of this film tells you everything you need to know and will seriously make you think twice the next time you wanna honk or give someone the finger in traffic. Road rage has become a nationwide epidemic and not without cause.  Checking Twitter, texting, eating…you name it – it’s happening in front, behind or in the car next to you.  Human beings have lost patience with multi-tasking resulting in a fatality rises and highway chases leading well off onto the surface.  However, you never know how far these altercations will go or how crazy the person behind the wheel of a car is.

Having a hectic day seems to be the norm for Rachel (Caren Pistorius).  She’s consistently runs late with a million things on her mind and tasks to accomplish.  One morning while attempting to take a shortcut,  things go awry when stuck behind a truck and a driver who’s clearly having some issues. When confronted by the driver demanding an apology, Rachel refuses,  making her day one she’s about to never shake any time in the foreseeable future.

Russell Crowe, as a disgruntled, road-racer, plays crazy like no other.  Watching an close up on his demonic eyes while someone’s home burns down to the ground tells you everything you need to know.  He sets this character up from the start and rides him like one of those mechanical bulls.  Caren Pistorius is badass.  No other word for it.  She’s fearless throughout this cat and mouse chase against time and life, all while doing it masterfully behind the wheel of a car.

Although, many moments in Unhinged feel familiar from other flicks with premises you have seen at some point or another, it doesn’t hinder you from enjoying the ride nonetheless. Grab some popcorn, snacks, a cocktail and keep it moving.  So, the next time you are feeling impatient with someone at the traffic light or  stop sign, take a moment to think twice it might save your life…seriously.  Directed by Derek Bolte and produced by Solistice Studios this dramatic thriller drops on July 31st.

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