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Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are Hilarious, Raunchy and Real in Longshot

When you hear the name Charlize Theron, one is reminded of the Oscar-winning actress from “Monster,” the badass action-hero from “Atomic Blonde” or the postpartum Mom from “Tully.” Each of these roles have shown Theron has a sense of humor, but Longshot sheds a whole new light on her comedic sensibility.  If you are sitting there thinking that she can’t hold her own against Seth Rogan you would be incredibly wrong.  Not only does she hold her own, but their chemistry and comic timing will have you doubled over laughing out loud…literally.

Since her teen years, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) has desired to being a politician and making a difference in how we treat our planet globally.  When she tests out her student council speech on the dude she is babysitting (Seth Rogen) it becomes a memorable night for them both in more ways than one.  Years later, a recently unemployed journalist, Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) has a chance meeting with Charlotte, who is now the Secretary of State.  Learning that Fred needs a gig, Charlotte offers him a job as her speechwriter as she is on the heels of becoming the next President of the United States.  The sparks are reignited from years earlier, but not without it complications.

What I love most about Longshot, other than the brilliant writing courtesy of Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah, is that it sheds light on what happens when a female candidate is found in the middle of a sex scandal?  Does the public slut shame or embrace her despite such a monumental mistake?  Can opposites attract in a political Pretty Woman style rom-com?

Hands down – YES!!  When I tell you I laughed at the many spot on Pretty Woman references, boner jokes and attention to the  fact that pretty isn’t always perfect…I do not exaggerate.  Some of my favorite lines are “cracker (slang for white people) down” and G.O.P to G.O.D jokes from Fred’s wingman Lance (O’Shea Jackson, Jr).  Not to mention that ideology surrounding journalistic integrity, self-worth and a man groveling to stay as opposed to the opposite, turns the whole rom-com recipe on its ear and I was there for every last-minute of it. Not to mention a mini Boyz II Men concert featuring some of their biggest hits like “Motown Philly” and “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Let’s face it, sex scandals gave us our President and First Lady.  Those same scandals gave us Kim Kardashian who is now falling back on the old family legal lineage by attending law school and assisting in the release of women like Alice Marie Johnson.  Just goes to show you when you think you have seen it all there’s one more surprise lurking around the corner.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are perfectly paired and their exemplary performances are enhanced by a stellar supporting cast of Ravi Patel (Tom), Lisa Kudrow (Katherine), O’ Shea Jackson (Lance), Jr., Bob Odenkirk (President Chambers) and June Diane Raphael as Maggie.

With the box office often times being so heavy-handed with much more serious subject matter, it felt great to just laugh hard while screening a film.  Something, I wish we could have more of in this busted political climate we are currently forced to navigate in and through.  If you want to get your giggle on and have your heart warmed simultaneously, get your butt to a seat and watch Longshot.  Produced by Lionsgate, Longshot opens nationwide on May 3rd.


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