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Bombshell Blows Lid on Fox News Scandal with Mesmerizing Performances

After leaving the comforts of being a full-time publicist and opting for the more flexible world of freelance, I accepted on a gig outside my lane of expertise.  After a particularly grueling day at the office, my boss offered to take me to dinner where he strongly insisted I try hot sake with my meal.  I blatantly refused and felt grossly uncomfortable in his presence from that point onward.  His suggestions and advances became more blatant making it impossible to effectively do my job in peace.  So, while he was away on a business trip, I packed my office belongings, leaving a note with the keys and never returned.

Why do I share this?  Like so many women, I was afraid to come forward.  Afraid I would be blamed, not heard or supported.  Afraid I would be black balled and have my career ruined over what some would perceive as ‘my fault.’  It would be ‘assumed’ that I did ‘something’ to encourage this behavior either with my dress, my actions or my conversation.  None of which happened to be the truth.  I didn’t know whether to tell or keep my mouth shut.   I’ve since learned that when you see something – say something no matter the price tag.

When former Miss America Gretchen Carlson came forward regarding harassment under now deceased Fox CEO Roger Ailes, I realized I wasn’t the first woman to endure this type of injustice and certainly wouldn’t be the last.  #MeToo has gone through many metamorphosis’ over the last few years, but was catapulted into the limelight via Carlson’s  lawsuit resulting in the downfall of many powerful men like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer among others.

Bombshell provides audiences with a slightly shifted account of the moment Megyn Kelly joined forces to take down one of the most powerful media moguls in American history.  Producer and Writer Charles Randolph begins our journey into the hierarchy of the Fox News structure through the eyes of Kelly (Charlize Theron) as she prepares for the 2016 Presidential Debate.  A debate that would ultimately become the very event leading to the undoing of Ailes.  Kelly and Carlson changed the manner in which sexual harassment is defined and viewed in the workplace today.

Many will learn or be reminded regarding details of this highly publicized case with the beginnings involving our current Tweet-in-Chief popping off in the middle of the night, Ailes making comments about Carlson’s ambition accusing her of suing him due to a stalled career.  Director Jay Roach provides us with a male/female David and Goliath story that holds your attention from beginning to end.

What also holds you attention is the complete and utter transformation of Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly (courtesy of makeup genius Kazu Hiro). From the Colleen Atwood designs to the voice, Theron nails it.  Margot Robbie portrays a character composite of many women named in the lawsuit. Her performance is so nuanced and emotional that it sticks with you long after the credits have rolled. Nicole Kidman, as the women who sets it all in motion, shows Gretchen Carlson as more than a deflated journalist.  She empowers Carlson as a woman/mother with a sense of bravery and courage going against the status quo.  Alanna Ubach, portrays with spot on precision and hilarity, news pundit Jeanine Pirro.

Needless to say this wouldn’t be a Randolph flick without his cinematic magic tool of talking to the screen all while tackling gender politics.   Bombshell will have us all contemplating will Kelly be defined for this scandal  for the rest of her life?  Was she weak? Will people like her?  Is this film manipulating her and her image?  IF nothing else, it exposes the moment women got mad as hell and refuse to take it for one more second! Ultimately, It will be left for you to judge when the film drops via Lionsgate on December 13th.


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