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Beautiful Boy Poignant and Powerful Addiction Profile with Stellar Acting

When I was a teenager, I recall my family being extra joyous to welcome back a family member from serving our country.  What we didn’t expect was how much he had changed.  He was moody and often wanted to spend time alone unless his military buds came around.  It was only until one Thanksgiving when he practically overdosed did we realize that there was problem.  My cousin had a drug addition.  An addiction that almost took him away from us.  Thanks to that fateful holiday and some rehab, he got back on track.  He now is married with children, heavily involved with the church ministry and been living a sober life for decades.

Anyone brave enough to tackle Beautiful Boy will understand the feeling of grief, loneliness and loss that this family experiences when their loved one goes off the rails, spiraling to the point of no return and having no guilt about what he is doing to himself or his family.

Based on a true adapted from the book by David and Nic Sheff and starring last year’s Oscar darling Timothee Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name) and Steve Carrell, I promise you won’t have a dry eye left after watching this one.  Beautiful Boy is so poignant and powerful all while sending its audience on a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil.

Steve Carrell turns in award-winning performances all the time, but I think this may be the first time voters will take him serious.  This may very well be the best performance of his career.  Maura Tierney and Amy Ryan don’t have much to do in this film.  But, when they are given the chance, they fly and soar in every single scene.

Beautiful Boy will break your heart, make you angry, but most of all will encourage you to reach out to that one friend, family member or loved one just one last time to seek help.  Produced by Amazon Studios, Beautiful boy hits theaters on October 12th.

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