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Age Only a Number for Robert Redford in The Old Man and The Gun | TIFF 18

Are you familiar with the name Doris Marie Payne? If not, let me enlighten you.  She is an elderly African-American woman who is a world-renowned jewel thief.  Beautiful and from an affluent family she has not reason to steal ever, yet she just can’t seem to help herself.

Enter Forrest Tucker.  Tucker has been in and out of prison for a variety of crimes, yet in the twilight of his life he decides to rob banks with his friends earning the nickname of ‘The Over The Hill Gang.’

Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek are the type of movie stars that make audiences run to theaters.  They are charismatic, gifted and have a chemistry that is undeniable. Knowing this is Redford’s last on-screen appearance makes me enjoy this film even more.  He has a twinkle in his eye, a pep in his step and is simply perfect ass Forrest Tucker.

Having worked together on Pete’s Dragon a few years back, David Lowery and Redford teamed up for this senior heist film laced with humor, heart and the reality that comes along with being in the last chapter of one’s life.

Casey Affleck as the John Hunt who literally hunts down his man with gusto gave me one of my favorite moment in the film during a passive-aggressive bathroom scene at a restaurant and when he gives Redford his signature nose sign-off during a hospital visit.

Playing Hunt’s better half Maureen, Tika Sumpter is naturally beautiful as the supportive wife.  Loved seeing her in the understated simple role.  I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about diversity for black women, working with legends, Sonic and the Hedghodge and of course, getting the scoop on what Candace is up to on Tyler Perry’s ‘The Have and The Have Nots.’  Take a listen and look…

                                                                                                     INTERVIEW WITH TIKA SUMPTER 

Produced by Fox Searchlight, The Old Man and the Gun will roll into theaters on September 28th.


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