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Assasination Nation Gives Revolution a Whole New Face


When I heard the lead character in a voice over state, “…this is the story of how my town Salem lost its m$%f**&n mind,” I knew I was in trouble.

Assassination Nation was hands down the most violent, graphically  disjointed film I had witnessed in quite some time…I was riveted!!!! All of these attributes were only enhanced by  performances with some up and coming talent (Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse, Abra and Bella Thorne), as well as, some film veterans like Anika Noni Rose, Bill Skarsgard, Joel McHale and Colman Domingo.

Garnering the biggest deal of the festival of $10 Million with Neon and Born Studios, I promise you that this one will make you think twice before allowing your kids to have a sleep over.

Directed by Sam Levinson (Wizard of Lies), who has mastered the art of suspension and intrigue, provides nothing less with this film.  Assassination Nation begins attacking the world-wide web and posing the question of  no real lines being drawn between the good guys and the bad guys. He uses the camera as a third-eye peeking into the world of these four girls and how each one of them has a bone to pick.  This is especially evident in the sleepover scene, where the audience are like flies on the wall watching a slaughter about to go down.

Joel McHale (Nick) has successfully made a name for himself in the lane of comedy.  Baby, folks are going to gag when they catch him in this flick being a perverted pedophile who is responsible for the horrific events that occur in motion.  Bella Thorne (Reagan) in a brief, but memorable role, reminds the audience of all those girls in high school you wish you had the chance to snatch them in a knot just one good time…for all the times they were not so kind for no apparent reason.

Assassination Nation is ludicrous at best, but it brings up some very good points.  Everyone’s got secrets…especially teenagers.  Secrets like pornographic selfies, being trans and sleeping with a football star who insist it be kept quiet, pedophilia, bigotry, bullying and teen transparency via the internet that can and always will come bite you in the butt.  These ladies and their secrets manage to have them hunted like dogs exactly as those accused of being witches in three centuries ago in Salem, Massachusetts.  If you are squeamish in the least, you may want to stop this film produced by BRON Studios hitting theaters on September 21.



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