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WIll To Love

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Love is a complicated emotion.  Love will make you do things that under ordinary circumstances,,,you would bounce or tell someone where they can go.  We’ve all been there at some point…right???  It leaves you feeling kind of icky, sad and having the desire to buy and devour every pint of Ben & Jerry’s at your local 7-11.

In Will To Love, Rudy Huxtable aka Keisha Knight-Pulliam is drop dead gorgeous and all grown up in the role of Rachel Parris.  Rachel is the personal assistant to Jamal Hawkins (Marques Houston), CEO of a million dollar company, when she falls head over heels in love.

Sounds like the perfect situation, except for one minor detail.  Jamal’s grandfather, whose health is failing, promises to hand over the company IF he finds a wife in 30 days.  In the event he fails, the company goes to his step sister, Monica (Shondrella Avery).  After much discussion, it is decided that a mock reality show will serve as a means for Jamal to find his “queen”.

Marques Houston is doing double-duty on this one pitching in as a co-writer along with Chaz Echols and Chris Stokes (Director).   Houston, who was a staple of  90’s sitcom television, is very charming, sensitive and the type of guy who has a heart and conscience as Jamal.  I fell in love with him and look forward to seeing him in more of these types of ventures in the futures.


Valarie Pettiford (Ayvon Hawkins) is not only a friend, but  a stellar actress doing some really quality work in this film.  The scene between her and Jamal where she encourages him to marry for love and not money is priceless.

Now, for the comic relief in the form of Shondrella Avery (Monica), Black Thomas (Danny) and Ryan Lefton (Andy) are individually and collectively roll on the floor funny.  Shondrella Avery  as Monica makes Cruella DeVille look like a puppy with her diabolical schemes to throw Jamal under the bus. Baby, Black Thomas’ Danny is what every girl needs as a best friend and comic relief.

Draya Michele left the Basketball Wives on the court and comes to the film game as the beauty we love to hate.  You know the ones, they have 0% fat, get the man and have all the money the little hearts can spend in a million places at one time.  I kinda loved her!!!!  She made being a bitch look like a helluva lot of fun.


Keisha Knight Pulliam has skills y’all!!!  She uses every ounce of her body to act with conviction and realism.  You get her…you want to hug her and tell her that if Jamal is the right man he’ll figure it out and be there just when you least expect him.

Will To Love was released on DVD on October 6th and is infused with a story we have all seen before, but the spin using social media and reality shows gives it an unexpected twist that is very entertaining.


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