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In My Father’s House


My father was a United States Marine, which often times had us in different parts of the country.  I had a father, but not on a consistent basis because our country needed him.  I can’t imagine  growing up in a world where my Dad just woke up one day and decided that life was too much for him to simply be “my Daddy”.

Did you know…

  • Single parent households have more than tripled since 1960
  • Fatherless youth are 60% of youth suicides
  • Fatherless youth are 71% of high school dropouts
  • Fatherless youth are 85% of juvenile incarcerations
  • 90% of fatherless youth are homeless and runaway children
  • 1/3 of American children (over 15 million) are being raised without a father

“Family can help you or family can kill you”…Unfortunately, Che “Rhymefest” Smith knew that feeling all too well.  Growing up in Chicago, he beat the odds winning a Grammy (“Jesus Walks”) and Oscar (“Glory”) with legions of fans around the world.  He had a loving Mom and Dad, who were young kids when they had Che.  But, Che’s father, unable to cope with the emotional and financial pressure that come along with having children,  left when Che was 12 years old…never to be seen or heard from again.


Che didn’t know whether his father was alive or dead and never gave it much thought, until in a strange turn of events, found himself purchasing the childhood home where he lived with his Dad. Filled with a desire to carry on his legacy, Che sets out to find his father. When he does, he questions if this is the right move for him and his family?

Is his Dad still drinking?  Will he remember Che?  Will his Dad reveal where he has been all this time?  All of these unanswered questions, for Che, will be like putting a puzzle back together.

In My Father’s House is a heartbreaking account of a father/son reconciliation, who in spite of their differences have an immense love that prevails decades of non-c0ntact.  After all…everyone has a story and maybe some children are placed on earth to be guardian angels and turn things around for their parents when they can’t seem to do it for themselves.

Che’s story isn’t an uncommon one and extremely emotional to watch.  It’s hard to watch a child want so badly to turn a life around when the person you are dealing with has no desire to help themselves.

Originally screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, In My Father’s House was released into theaters on October 9th .  On December 1st, it becomes available on Video On Demand, DVD and rental with a much-anticipated release on Showtime in 2016.


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