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Widows is an Action Adrenaline Shot Heist Flick Starring Viola Davis

Widows is an unexpected, high-octane adrenaline shot heist flick where women are calling the shots.  Based on the UK crime series of the same name, four women in Chi-Town think the only thing they have in common is losing their husbands.  It is only upon their deaths these women discover they have more in common than either of them would’ve ever fathomed.

Director, Steve McQueen is following up his Oscar-winning ’12 Years A Slave” with a film that turns the narrative concerning women on its proverbial side.  The opening montage revealing what the current state of each woman’s life goes after the heist to the very last frame, you will be riveted and applauding this badass quartet of women consisting of Viola Davis (Veronica), Michelle Rodriguez (Linda) and Elizabeth Debicki (Alice) rounded out with Cynthia Errivo (Belle).  I think the last time we saw a woman of color being this fierce at taking charge it was Tamara Dobson in ‘Get Christie Love.’  In addition, we are turning some serious issues like spousal abuse, single motherhood and the multitude of ways a man can sometimes make women feel less than are not only addressed, but dealt with through grace, reality and verve.  On the flip side we see how Jaetemme (Daniel Kaluuya) and Jamal (Brian Tyree Henry) as the Manning Brothers fall prey to the types of violence and lives of crimes many brothas adopt as they feel their choices in life are limited.

All the actors are outstanding, but the ones who steal this film are hands down Cynthia Errivo, Elizabeth Debicki and Daniel Kaluuya.  Baby, Kaluuya cane make you fall in love with him or become profoundly petrified with one good stare.  Cynthia Errivo reminds you why she has a Tony in a scene with absolutely no dialogue between her and Viola Davis.  It’s definitely one for the The Actors Studio archives.  It’s simply brilliant. But, Elizabeth Debicki as Alice is quite wonderful as the abused wife and daughter desperately seeking to turn her life around by any means necessary.

I’m elated to see that Viola Davis is being taken seriously as a woman with romantic needs and that those needs and relationships can be told on-screen through multi-racial couples with a multi-faceted lens.  Representation does indeed matter in all lanes of life and art.

Widows will have women cheering and applauding that we are no longer arm candy for our male counterparts, but can hang just as bad and just as long as the best of them. Produced by 20th Century Fox, Widows is released into theaters on November 16th.



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