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Why ALL Politicians Scream GET ME ROGER STONE

Just yesterday, I was sitting at a light and what seemed to be a off-kilter middle-aged white man veered out of the crosswalk lane heading straight toward my car window.  We locked eyes. It was immediately clear this man hated me for my color and was about to do something unsavory.  I rolled up my window as he closed in.  Watching my window go up and his plans thwarted,  he returned to the crosswalk cursing me and flipping me off.

This has been my daily reality since Donald J. Trump became President of the United States.  Someone I don’t know, making assumptions and hating me for no other reason than the color of my skin.

Opening with a speech at the Republican National Convention where it was  proclaimed, “We will make America safe again…We will make America strong again…We will make America great again.”

Yet, nearly a year into his Presidency, all  Donald Trump has managed to do is alienate America with his constant hate spewing of the media, former President Barack Obama, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, NFL players and a grieving widow whose son was killed in Niger earlier this month.

Enter Roger Stone…

“It is better to be infamous than to never be famous at all” – – Roger Stone’s Rule

Yes,  we have Roger Stone to thank for the insensitive moron we now have the unpleasure of calling The President of the United States.

Not too far cut from the same cloth as our President, Stone has earned the reputation of being a dirty trickster, state-of-the-art sleaze ball, a little rat and my personal favorite – The Sinister Forrest Gump of Politics.

Roger Stone has literally shown up for every key moment in American history.  Stone has the uncanny ability to understand the media, politics and politicians.  He loves the game and is clearly very good at his job.  I mean, who else would have succeeded in getting a billionaire reality star elected to sit in the most powerful office in the world.  In short, the Trump candidacy was a pure Roger Stone production.

Get Me Roger Stone chronicles and breaks down the inner workings of a mind that knows how to make a novice or experienced person into someone who is seemingly Presidential.  “The Apprentice made him a slick television performer…think of how he looked on the show…high-back chair perfectly lit, great hair and make-up, decisive, making decisions, running the show…he looks Presidential…You think voters, non-sophisticates make a difference between entertainment and politics?  Politics is show-business for ugly people.” spoken by Roger Stone on how Trump was elected President.   Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

Stone was a Watergate figure at 19 years-old over a campaign receipt and owns the largest collection of Nixon memorabilia in the world, including bongs.  He was the assigned liaison between Nixon and Reagan.  Stone has a tattoo of Nixon on his back.  Why?  “A man is not finished when he’s defeated…he’s only defeated when he quits.”  He thinks Nixon’s approach to politics is what the Roger Stone persona reflects.

If you are not politically savvy, watching Get Me Roger Stone shows how fighting dirty politics is an ideology that has been around for decades.  Is this the last decade for these shenanigans?  One never knows.  But, what I do know is that there will always been a slot in the political arena for someone like Roger Stone.  He sees morality as a sign of weakness.Street smart mixed with money is always a dangerous combination.

Get Me Roger Stone can now be streamed via Netflix.  You watch and you decide.


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