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The Viper Club Points Fingers at Government Using Journalists as Pawns

The worst thing that could happen to a parent is having their children perish from this earth before they do.  When journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing, the unthinkable was assumed and confirmed.  This story is not new.  Many journalists that go abroad end up with their lives on the line as a pawn in the game of political warfare.

Enter The Viper Club.  A club of individuals that used rather unconventional methods to bring  hostages home safe and sound to their families and loved ones.  So, after spinning her wheels for months with the FBI, Helen (Susan Sarandon) decides to enlist the assistance of The Viper Club to bring home her son Andrew Sterling.  Unfortunately, despite massive glimmers of hope…things don’t go as planned.

The angst and suffering Helen endures this process is cruel and heart-breaking.  So when director and screenwriter, Maryam Keshavarz breaks the tension with a snowball fight it gives you a glimpse into a slight moment in time where releasing the stress is sorely needed .  The most striking thing about this story is that Helen, a nurse whose job it is to save lives on a daily basis, feels helpless when trying to save her own flesh and blood.

Maryam Keshavarz was the perfect person to direct this film as she approaches it from a vantage point we never have a chance to see – a woman and a mother’s point of view.  The Viper Club hits select theatres today and is produced by YouTube Original and  Roadside Attractions.


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