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The Perfect Find Proves Age is Nothing But a Number

There’s always been a lot of controversy surrounding age when it comes to relationships.  While men have no issues dating decades younger, women are massively apprehensive.  Is it our ego’s that stop us from going there or the judgement that comes with gawking, whispers and the comments like “Is this your son?”  Well, Tia Williams’ New York Times bestseller “The Perfect Find” squashed all of that in an instant.

After a high-profile firing, Jenna’s (Gabrielle Union) fashion career comeback hits a snag when she falls for a charming, much younger coworker (Keith Powers) — who happens to be her boss’s (Gina Torres) son. As sparks fly, the fashionista must decide if she’ll risk it all on a secret romance.  Oddly enough the judgement in this instance doesn’t come from others as much as Jenna’s self-criticism.  Should I respect his mother (Darcy) and her thoughts even though we don’t really like each other?  Not to mention the fact the old flame (D.B.Woodside) is lurking in the background waiting to shoot his shot with an apology.

Gabrielle Union’s quality to be quirky, sexy, vulnerable and brainy are some of the qualities which make her thrive best in romantic comedies.  The ease of her comic timing coupled with her spot on dramatic chops always makes any film she mixes the two fun to watch.  Torres and Union’s unusually salty frenemy relationship is equally as entertaining and lifts the film up to another level.

Like any secret attraction Jenna and Eric (Keith Powers) pretend to not care, but their chemistry literally burns through the lens. It’s particularly notable in a photo shoot where they realization there is more admiration, fun, flirty respect than meets the eye.  The historical nods with images and shoots set around Dorothy Dandridge,  Diahann Carroll, Eartha Kitt  and the subtle nod of Eric and Jenna having a mutual respect for Nina Mae McKinney added s sweet touch tying it all together.

Directed by Numar Perrier and adapted screenplay from  Leigh Davenport and Tia Williams, I appreciate the attention paid to the fact that regardless of age, when a woman is pregnant out of wedlock it can be stressful and confusing for both parties.  When men are young, many feel that their life comes crashing to a halt with the introduction of a child.  They can feel trapped and desire to bounce out of fear and in some instances a great deal of resentment.  This factor coupled with the age issue makes this film an interesting and different vibe for romcoms with adults  not in the hood and with careers, families and friends.  A trope that is often played out when we see these stories crafted by others.




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