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Satanism in on Parade in Hail Satan?

Satan vs Christianity is one of the oldest debates in history and the Satanic Temple has just accelerated the conversation with shenanigans attempting to erect a statue of Baphomet on the grounds of the state capital in Little Rock, Arkansas among other locations across the US.

Director Penny Lane takes the audience on the journey of what Satanism is defined by the seven tenets, rituals, reactions to the Satanic Panic, arguments around christian supremacy all while making the argument over how in America we have issues with anything that is deemed different.  

The Satanic Temple claims that they look out for each other because they are “the other” and Hail Satan? will have you witnessing one the fastest rising cults in America.

As disturbing as this film can be in sections, at the end of the day, we are what we believe.  Every religion has issues with the other for a variety of reasons.

Christians believe anyone that doesn’t serve “In God We Trust” is an atheist and going to hell.  

Satanic Temple members believe that Christians are just pissy because Satan, like Judas, rolled over on God and Jesus persuading followers to be split.

Whether that is true or not, there is danger in the promotion of something so dark and sordid.  A former member of the Pentecostal and Catholic church, currently I practice Buddhism and if I have learned nothing from my faith regardless of what faith it is, there are those weak-minded individuals coupled with insecurity to become willing participants often gravitate toward anything and anyone who makes them feel inclusive and special. THAT is what makes all of this very dangerous.

No stranger to conversion subjects, Penny Lane leaves us asking the question is the Satanic Temple misunderstood?  They run blood drives, sued the state of Missouri over abortion (who believes a human life comes into existence at conception) and created an after school Satan Club claiming to broaden the minds of students through critical thinking.  

Are they the devil’s spawn leading us all straight to hell or are they simply conducting the Lord’s work via another channel.

You can judge for yourself when Hail Satan ? is released by Magnolia Pictures on April 19th.

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