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The Grinch Gives Fresh Spin on Christmas Classic

Who doesn’t love The Grinch?  Why do we love him?  Are we amused at him for being the ultimate holiday season grouch?  Are we delighted when he discovers that even his heart can be softened?  Or do we just like his furry green fur and the fact that his sidekick is a little scrawny dog open sleigh with antlers?  Whatever the reasons, The Grinch is slithering back into this holiday season with a fresh new twist on a Christmas classic.

Illumination has updated this tale for a whole new generation to fall in love infusing modern music by such artists as the Jackson 5, Celine Dion and even a little Feliz Navidad along with classic Dr. Seuss tunes.  Christmas carollers stalking him through Who-Ville, The Grinch playing “All By Myself” on the organ, revealing his age of 53 years or his penchants for having a food reserved are all pure comedy and some of the things that make this version fresh, funny and ready to stay atop of its throne as one of the most beloved Christmas tales of all time.

I mean who doesn’t love a grouch getting a lesson in kindness and forgiveness from the adorably scrumptious Cindy Lou Who? This incarnation of The Grinch is straight up dedicated to kindness and love…the things we need most.  Slither into a theatre near you when The Grinch hits on November 9th


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