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For years, living in New  York City, riding the subway was a way of life.  Often times, I watched the many stories unfold of the patrons getting on and off the train.  I wondered if they had families, were they loved, were they lonely, did they have a great friends or a great life?

When Rachael hits the train every day going in and out of the city, I bet she was wondering the same thing as she looked out the window at all the perfect houses and the people who seemingly had a perfect life.  I bet she also wondered why she felt like PigPen from the Peanuts cartoon.  You know that one character who seems to have a black cloud follow him wherever he goes.  Somehow, this is what Rachael’ life had become.

Rachael goes from having a marriage with whom she thought was the perfect man until the walls crashed in and placed her in what some would call a permanent version of Groundhog Day. A life that included a pity party that never has a last call for alcohol and ends with the unthinkable.  When Rachael’s fantasy life marries with her current reality, events take a turn that even Rachael doesn’t see coming.

Based on the Paula Hawkins novel and directed by Tate Taylor, The Girl on The Train feels like a modern-day throwback to Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”.  We all know I love me some Hitchcock films, so I was all over this one!  There were plenty of times my jaw dropped to my crack from unseen plot twists and just sheer shock coming at me from the screen!  Bravo, Tate Taylor!

Emily Blunt seems to be one of the most versatile actresses Hollywood has to offer these days from across the pond.  She’s up there with Dame’s Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and our own Meryl Streep.  As Rachael, she gives complex a whole new definition and sucks the audience in on the Rachel’s’ journey of marriage derailment and how her husband manipulated her “blackouts.

Justin Theroux was marvelous as Tom.  He makes you wish he would crawl under a rock and never come out.  Both Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson shine as the other women that Tom has misled with just the right amount of strength and vulnerability.


Allison Janney as the town detective and Laura Prepon as Rachel’s loyal friend are equally impressive in their small, yet pivotal roles.

Released in October by Universal Pictures, The Girl on the Train grossed more than 75 million.  You catch it now via multiple live-streaming apps such as iTunes, Amazon and Hulu.

Click HERE for The Girl on the Train Trailer


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