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The Art of Racing in The Rain is a Heartbreaking. Loving Tribute to Life


The old adage dog is man’s best friend is truly not a myth.  My little dude Spanky was my truly best friend.  He loved me unconditionally without judgement and there was nothing better than watching his little smiling, furry face at the end of a day.  Yet, there was nothing worse than watching him slowly slip away from me, knowing my choices to ease his pain and comfort were limited.

Spanky is in rainbow heaven now hopefully free from the pain and discomfort he experienced.  Watching this film was raw for my and my Mom (as he died in her arms).  We made a joint decision to screen as part of our healing process.  I can report, It’s a decision neither of us regret.  In fact, it made us realize how lucky we were to have a dog as special as Spanky.

Enzo (Kevin Costner) was the lifeblood of the Swift family. Denny (Milo Ventimiglia) adopted him as a puppy and taught him everything he knew about racing layered with loads of advice.  Enzo would discover this advice was not only applicable to racing, but in life as well.  They were unequivocally each others’ best friend and as the audience we have a first row seat to the cycle of life for a dog and the humans who love him.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a sweet, story about sacrifice of one’s dreams, family and pets. What is best for them?  What is best for you and at some point do you need to place others first?

Ultimately, Denny learns that family comes first – furry or otherwise.

Kevin Costner is pure comedy and the perfect voice for the embodiment of Enzo.  He gives Enzo a personality complete with an acerbic sense of humor that we all imagine our pets have.  Milo Ventimiglia brings the same energy and aura that made us fall in love with  him on ‘This is Us.’  He’s absolutely charming, sensitive, lovable and one of America’s favorite Dads on the big and small screen.

Produced by 20th Century Fox, The Art of Racing in the Rain will break your heart and leave you with a smile on your face all at the same time on August 9th.


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