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Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is Hysterically Hype Fun on the Big Screen

Ever wonder why of all the superheroes why Robin has never had his own flick?  So, do the Teen Titans!!!

This is the type of superhero animation movie that will put a smile on your face and in your heart.  The Teen Titans want to get a superhero film greenlit by the studio starring sidekick Robin so badly they actually go back in history with an attempt to alter the outcome of every superhero known to man.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go the way they planned and a plethora of shenanigans ensue in the process providing the audience of adults and kids alike with hilarity that is sorely needed right now.  In addition, it provides a lesson of what loyalty should feel like and how it should be executed.  It’s like Billy Dee Williams says in “Mahogany,”  ‘Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.’

When you see the Titans go to Krypton in an attempt to change history with Superman, I promise it is truly one of the highlights.  My favorite thing ever was watching Stan Lee make yet another cameo appearance and the realism in which the Hollywood executive deals with Robin regarding his own movie is pure comedy, but sooooo true.  The Deadpool jokes are on point and right on time.

Based on the Cartoon Network series, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies has an upbeat, throughly enjoyable soundtrack (which is available online right now) and will have you dancing in your seat.  Produced by Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Teen Titans Go! to The Movies hits at a theatre near you on July 27th.




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