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1985, Family Ties was a huge television sitcom hit starring a little known actor named Michael  J. Fox as Alex P. Keating.  American audiences fell in love with the short, charming Canadian with the acerbic sense of humor.  What none of us knew at the time was Fox was about to become a household name due to a little film directed by Robert Zemeckis called “Back to the Future”.

However, the film almost didn’t happen with Fox.  Producers at “Family Ties” wouldn’t let him out of taping to film this soon to be blockbuster.  Luckily for us and for Fox, a break in the schedule allowed him to film the sitcom during the day and film “Back to the Future” at night.

In 1985, it was unfathomable to even imagine what the world would be like October 21, 2015.  “Back To The Future” showed Americans in flying cars, streaming multiple shows on massive flat screen televisions, self-lacing sneakers, hoverboards and seeing the Cubs win the World Series.  Ironically enough,  the Cubs lost to the Mets for the World Series title last evening .  Most of those things have come to pass, which is actually very exciting.  Think about it, Our cell phones are basically a hand-held computer that also streams movies, video and music.  It’s definitely an exciting time for technology!


“Back To The Future” was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and won for Best Effect, Sound Effects Editing.  Former Baseball player turned pop star Huey Lewis was nominated for a song almost as popular as the movie itself “The Power of Love”.

To commemorate the event Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd rolled onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show Live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music looking like not a day has passed since 1985.

Backtothefuture_doc Backtothefuture_flux

Go Back to the Future with me and check out the original trailers, it sequels and the Jimmy Kimmel appearance…

Back To The Future 2 Trailer

Back To The Future 3 Trailer

Back To The Future 4 Trailer

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on Jimmy Kimmel Live


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