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Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse Intros Afro-Latina Superhero


I love superhero movies.  Yup…I said it and the Spiderman franchise is one of my favorites.  For that reason, you would think I was aware of Miles Morales and his story.  Alas, I was not. But, baby I know about him now along with the rest of the Spiderverse and my life will never be the same.  First Black Panther and now this!!!

In Spider-man:  Into the Spiderverse, we catch up with a little older, more portly Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) who meets up with Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) who is intent on carrying the torch.  Is Miles ready?  Does he have what it takes and can he do it alone?  

What I love about this film?

A) It’s an animated version of the same of story with a twist 

B) Miles and his family actually have proper coloring and hair texture for an Afro-Latina unit

C) The rest of the Spiderverse is a band of misfits that include a pig, a noir Spidey, a little Japanese tech queen and Gwen Stacy.

D) Stan Lee’s final cameo, Easter eggs are a plenty and razor-sharp comedy 

Peter Parker learns some very heartfelt lessons, most of all that passing the mantle to someone a little younger is a little harder on the psyche than one would think and you can always go back where your heart is.

Spider-man:  Into the Spiderverse has heart, embraces the full world of comics with its graphics, kicking’ soundtrack and will excite any fan of the franchise for generations to come.

Be on the lookout for numerous interviews with the cast and creatives sprinkled throughout the week, but for now take a listen to this one.


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