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SPIDERMAN:  HOMECOMING REVIEW by Carla Renata  – The Curvy Film Critic


Spidey is back and with a new best friend…Tony Stark!  That’s right Robert Downey, Jr. aka Ironman is a mentor for the young Peter Parker, who is trying to figure out how to make good use of his special gifts.  The last time we saw theses two in the Avengers flick, there were rumblings that this relationship would be on the horizon.  Not to mention that we had a teaser of our current Wonder Woman – Gal Godot as well.

It’s a star-studded affair with such well-known actors as Bokeem Woodbine, Donald Glover and Michael Keaton all appearing in some villain capacity.  Interesting that Keaton got an Oscar nod for Birdman and is actually playing a villainous one in this new incarnation of Spiderman.  He’s fantabulous to say the least!  Kinda dug him back in the day as Batman, but I love him being on the wrong side of the law.

The Summer of Superheroes is in full effect with some really stellar CGI and special effects and the final scene is just the right length…leaving you wanting more instead of yawning through the sequence.

I guess the most refreshing thing about Spiderman:  Homecoming is that it’s the most diverse version date.  Most of the actresses that have portrayed MJ were always white girls and in most versions played by Kirsten Dunst.  Let’s be clear, I love me some Kirsten…so I’m not hating.  But, I loved seeing my little nugget Zendaya up on the silver screen.  She wasn’t given much to say or do, but she owned every scene she was in.

Zendaya’s version of MJ was portrayed as an out of sorts, grungy, geek.  A far from the sophisticated K.C. on her self-produced Disney series K.C. Undercover and her tween dancing diva character on Shake It Up!  As someone who portrayed her mother on Shake  It Up!, I am beyond proud of the woman and seasoned actress she has become.

As a teenage Peter Parker, Tom Holland’s lovable, geeky charm is right on the money and he plays every scene like a fine-tuned violin.  You wholeheartedly believe that he’s just a kid embracing his uniqueness to try to make a difference not only in his neighborhood, but in this troubled world we all inhabit at the moment.

It wasn’t lost on me that Aunt May was just a little bit sexier in the form of Marisa Tomei, giving  Aunt May a quirky, yet grounded sensibility.  Tony Revolori as Flash is adding quite an arsenal of characters to his bag of tricks.  Playing a student/DJ with a “mean girl” streak is quite comical.  But not as comical as scene stealer/spidey bestie Ned, played by Jacob Batalon.  Jacob steals every scene and you know every time the camera hits his face that the shenanigans are just about to begin.  I love that is a slightly plump, asian dude and that the inclusion of diversity into Peter’s world makes it closer to the world we inhabit and experience on a daily basis.

It was also not lost on me that Peter’s love interest was a young girl of mixed heritage and he’s a red-head making our love birds different…yet the same.

Kudos to Columbia Pictures and Director Jon Watts for spinning a refreshing, youthful take on an old classic.

SPOILER ALERT!!!  No teasers at the end of the film for the next ones you can literally leave when the film is over this time…LOL

Spiderman:  Homecoming is in theaters NOW and has already grossed over 117M.  Inching closer and closer to breaking even and surpassing its budget of 175M!  Go Spidey Go!!!

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